BPW Safe Haven for Women

Contact information:

Crisis Hotline: 246-435-8222
General information: 836-5070; bpwbarbadosonline@gmail.com
Mailing address: P.O. Box 381, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies

The BPW Shelter for Abused Women is an initiative of the BPW Barbados (BPW Barbados). BPW Barbados is a “status-of-women” club focused on empowering women at all levels. The BPW Barbados  Club is part of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women, represented in 96 countries.

Shelter: We offer emergency temporary housing to victims of domestic violence who are in need of a safe shelter. We house 20 to 25 women and children at any one time. The length of stay varies with the goal of helping the client become more empowered and self-sufficient by the end of their stay. The average length of stay is three months.

Counselling: The Shelter provides free individual and group counselling services to people in various stages of dealing with domestic violence.

The GENESIS Sanctuary Model has been adopted as the therapeutic model of healing. This model emphasizes a commitment to safety and non-violence.
Empowerment & Support: A goal of the Shelter’s residential programme is to help clients build a large and diverse safety net of support. Our social workers, counsellors and residential officers work with each client to help them access various community resources and assist in areas of employment and housing amongst others. Empowerment programmes include skills-training and self-development, educational workshops and parenting support.

Children’s Programmes: We offer individual and group therapy for children accompanying their mothers to the Shelter. We assist children and adolescents to address the abuse that they may have witnessed, and attempt to break the potential cycle of violence.

Legal Advocacy: While the Shelter does not employ a lawyer, we do have staff and BPW Club Members & Associates who can help survivors navigate the legal system. The staff will assist in obtaining protective orders and accompanying clients to court should they need additional support.

Transitional Housing: The Shelter is continually seeking assistance for a Transitional Housing Programme for survivors of domestic violence. We work with the Welfare Department and the National Housing Corporation and whenever we are able to offer clients partial furnishings and appliances through the kind donations of organisations and individuals. BPW Barbados looks forward to securing funding to initiate a Revolving Loan Fund to assist clients when they exit the shelter.

Educational Programmes: In an effort to increase the community’s awareness about the Shelter’s services and about the issue of domestic violence, the Shelter provides free educational programmes to the community. Programs are available for all school age children, civic groups, allied professionals, and members of the faith community. Programmes are offered in collaboration with the BPW Crisis Centre.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Shelter offers many opportunities for individuals and organizations to help end domestic violence. Shelter volunteers are provided with training and have the support of shelter staff to help provide quality services. Volunteer opportunities include: Administrative Assistance

Childcare Court Advocacy Fundraising Assistance Special Projects Transportation

Internship Opportunities: Students from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus enrolled in the Social Work Programme have the opportunity to gain experience via a short internship in the Shelter.

Funding: The Shelter is funded via contributions from the Barbados Government, fundraising initiatives of the BPW Barbados Club and via donations from individuals and organisations.

Donations: We welcome the following:

  • Food: Dry goods, canned items, fresh fruit & vegetables etc.
  • Appliances, furniture, office equipment
  • Clothing for both women and children (of suitable standard)
  • “Necessity Kits” for women and children on entry to shelter
  • Educational material for both children and adult including computers
  • Linens
  • Toys
  • Monetary donations
  • Landscaping services, gardening supplies & materials

Click on the following link for a list of items the safe haven currently needs: Shelter Needs August 2013

The BPW Shelter looks forward to acquiring a vehicle to transport clients and children, further ensuring safe and secure entry and exit from the shelter on a daily basis. We are seeking to expand our range of programmes and offer further support for ex-clients of the shelter to assist them with food, jobs and overall self-sufficiency and empowerment.

  1. Joyceline Sobers

    I am a Canadian Social Worker of Barbadian heritage. I travel there 2 times per year. I work witj homeless women here but would love to donate toiletries to your agency. Please let me know how i can proceed with this donation
    Thanks Joyceline

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