Lecture: Gender Based Violence: A Public Health Issue?

The BPW Crisis Centre is proud to partner with the Bureau of Gender Affairs, Ministry of Social Care for the upcoming panel discussion on September 19, 6.30PM , Baobab Towers, Warrens, St. Michael.  Learned panelists will explore the issue of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) as a public health concern, addressing the intersection of GBV and HIV and other health issues. The BPW Crisis Centre will be welcoming faculty from the Department of Cultural & Global Engagement of the Quinnipiac University, Connecticut who will be in Barbados to meet with educational institutions and service groups to find opportunities for exchange and outreach between the organisations.  Sade Jean-Jacques, Assistant Director of Multicultural Education who has extensive experience in HIV in the Black Community will be representing Quinnipiac University on the panel. Other panelits include representatives from the Institute of Gender Studies and the Faculty of Medical Sciences from the University of the West Indies. The Ministry of Health and Gender Specialist Cherise Ajodha will also be participants. Social Workers, Domestic Violence Advocates, Health Practitioners, NGOs and those who are part of the multidisciplinary GBV and Health network are especially invited to attend.  Special guests and members of the public are encouraged to make a  donation to the BPW Shelter Project through the provision of food items or toiletries for women and children. The BPW Crisis Centre is a project of the Business & Professional Women’s Club of Barbados.

GBV Pub Health


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The Business and Professional Women's Club of Barbados (BPW Barbados) is a status-of-women's organisation focused on the empowerment of women at all levels.

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