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The Heart of a Woman…

“Having a Healthy heart &  Staying Healthy” – by Nicole Alleyne, VP and Chair of Health Committee


“Having a healthy heart, staying healthy” are some of the words that should penetrate and result in change but often it does not until it’s too late. BPW Barbados’ Health Committee recognizes that the signs and symptoms as it relates to heart attacks for women are quite different from those for men. Every day we see the impact of a female affected by a serious health condition and the implications that it has not only on the family, but the organisation, community and nation. There is an urgent need for us as women to pay more attention to the subtle warning signs and act rather than wait until later.
These are just some of the areas covered at the Women and Heart Disease Lecture hosted by BPW Barbados on  July 12th 2014 held at the UWI Open Campus.

As an international women’s empowerment organization BPW  strives to empower women not only through professional development, but through a special focus on health. Heart Disease is the #1 killer in women and with this in mind, we arranged a lecture entitled: “Caribbean Women Live Well Now – Know your Heart” to be delivered by Dr. Kay Goring the lone female Cardiologist in Barbados.

BPW International has signed on to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (, a set of guidelines developed for corporate and government entities to create a more enabling environment for women, promoting women’s economic empowerment. This lecture speaks to Principle #3 which states: “ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing of all women and men workers are upheld.” BPW International also has the “Red Belt” initiative which looks at women’s waistlines and its ratio to their height as an indicator of heart disease.

Prior to the start of the lecture; Dr Goring shared with the audience many tips and suggestions, which set the tone for what turned out to be not just an evening of education but frank discussion, honest sharing which resulted in one of the participants publicly deciding to make a life style change.

The audience was fully engaged in the lecture as we participated in a group session, questions were fielded at us provoking much thought and discussion. Opening remarks were given by Gina Pitts, Registered Nurse and CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados, a key partner in this initiative. Dr Goring presented from a holistic approach, stating that by knowing your heart one must incorporate every aspect of self ranging from diet, exercise and more. She noted that all these approaches impact heavily on the quality of life.

Snippets from the lecture:

  1. Know the causes of Heart disease – High blood pressure, stress, poor diet and other factors such as heart break through the loss of a spouse, family member these contributes to heart disease
    2. Solutions – Exercise, a balanced diet, Sex (in a committed relationship)

We now share with you some pictures from the event that captured the essence of what was truly an educationally rewarding evening.

VP Nicole Alleyne (JMT Certified)
Chair of Health Committee Barbados
Member of International Health Committee

IMG-20140712-00787 (1) IMG-20140712-00790 (1) IMG-20140712-00791 (1) IMG-20140712-00794 (1)