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Alison Hinds – New Goodwill Ambassador to BPW International!!!!

 International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International)
Goodwill Ambassador
~ “Hinds to address 28th International Congress in Jeju, South Korea in May~
Ari Zaman, Advisor, to the commonwealth Business Council, Alison Hinds, President of the BPW International Freda Miriklis (picture taken at the BPW Barbados’ Women’s Economic Empowerment Conference held last year in Barbados)

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (19, February, 2013) –Barbadian Alison Hinds has been appointed the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) Goodwill Ambassador.

In her letter of appointment President of the BPW International Freda Miriklis said, “We have identified in you, qualities that contribute to BPW International efforts, in raising awareness of the aims, objectives and key priorities of the Organization, to convey messages about its activities and to extend its public outreach.
Miriklis who first met Hinds at BPW Barbados’ Women’s Economic Empowerment conference   in Barbados last September, said Hinds possesses ‘the personality and dignity required for such high level representative capacity and has the ability to promote the values of BPW internationally.’
Appointment to this prestigious post came on the heels of the nomination of Ms. Hinds by the BPW Barbados Club, lead by President Marrianne Burnham, who believes that this a tremendous opportunity for Barbados and the Caribbean region on a whole. She acknowledges “that this is first time a Goodwill Ambassador has been selected from the Caribbean, and it widens Barbados’ international scope and outreacg, as we promote and export our talent, culture and country. We are very proud to be a part of this, yet another first for Barbados”. In a letter to Hinds, Miriklis said “I am so excited about the many activities and events that we have installed for you in Jeju, and we are delighted to have you as our BPW International Goodwill Ambassador. Congratulations!”
Speaking about the prestigious appointment, Hinds says she was shocked when she received the correspondence, but is very humbled and ready to execute her duties in this her “new chapter.”
“Because BPW is such a highly regarded organization with strong values and a great mission it is a huge task, but I have always advocated through song for women, and firmly believes in the mentoring and upliftment of them also.”
Crowned the undisputed “Queen of SOCA by fans worldwide, Hinds powerful, emotional vocals and high-energy live shows are legendary in Caribbean music. Alison’s musical journey has taken her throughout the Caribbean islands and the Diaspora worldwide.”
When Alison is not performing, she takes time to work as an advocate for causes such as AIDS awareness, Women’s rights, and the Diabetes foundation and has participated with them wherever possible as well as organizations for disabled and physically challenged children.
Her eyes are now fixed on a packed calendar, starting in March, 7-8, with BPW International’s Annual Leadership Summit in New York, but more so on her attendance and participation at the 8th BPW International Congress carded for Jeju, South Korea from 23 – 27th May 2014.
She says she is focused on this “new era, this new journey”, and looks forward to carrying the banner with pride and dignity.