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BPW’s Statement in Response to Security Breach…

Statement from BPW Barbados

 The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Barbados is a women’s empowerment NGO established in 1966. Our goal is to empower women and girls to ensure they make a greater contribution to society through business and entrepreneurship, personal development, education, improvements in health and freedom from violence.

The Shelter has been in operation for the past 13 years and it is one of the major projects of BPW Barbados. Over its 13 years of operation we have served over 1,500 women and children providing safe shelter from abusive encounters, restorative and empowerment interventions. This enables our clients to carry on with their lives after all forms of traumatic experiences related to Gender-Based Violence. Any clients coming to our safe house relatively “empty-handed” are provided with basic necessities for daily healthy living. Their children are supported and when necessary provided with uniforms and other school supplies.

Our programmes include but are not limited to:

  • Advocacy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Community Outreach Programmes – Clothesline project
  • Annual Self Development Programme For Unemployed  Women
  • Child Counselling
  • Teen Dating and Violence Prevention
  • Public Education & Awareness on Violence Against Women

The nature of the work we do and the service we provide demands that we protect client information and operate with a sense of integrity and transparency. While BPW makes every effort to provide individual living space so that the independence and dignity of families can be maintained, it must be noted that the BPW Shelter is an institution with rules and regulations that must be observed in the interest of safety of staff and clients. Like any other institution, there is always resistance to formal structure. Intermittently we experience challenges when our rules and regulations have to be enforced.

BPW Barbados has been and continues to be an entity that maximises the opportunity for interagency collaboration whether it be a private or public entity. This can be borne out by our recently held Gender Based Violence Advocate Training where a mixture of over 60 persons from across the health, legal and social services networks participated in an internationally funded programme. BPW actively works with the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Child Care Board, Welfare Department, QEH, Faith-Based Organisations and other Non-Governmental Organisations.

BPW Barbados welcomes this opportunity to speak to the media about our charity work, noting that a number of our programmes are dependent on the contributions of the public and private sector and you, the media. We require the media to be our partners in dealing with the sensitive issue of Gender Based Violence to ensure the adequate and safe reporting of information, putting client and staff safety and confidentiality at the forefront.

Given the social and economic impact of Gender Based Violence, BPW Barbados remains committed to ending the scourge of all forms of Gender Based Violence.


BPW Executive 2012-2015